Owning [verb]

Definition of Owning:

possess; be responsible for

Synonyms of Owning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Owning:

Sentence/Example of Owning:

It was to be at his free disposal, and this was nearly the same thing as owning it.

Rights we had bargained for with men, which they, not owning them, had gravely given!

I shrunk with morbid nervousness from owning to any knowledge of Eugen.

She smiled down at him as though she were owning to something worthy; "I hope so," she said.

The fact that he had left it did not restore to him his old feeling of owning the earth.

If I had any chance of owning you I'd never let you out of my sight.

"No more so than was your statement of owning the isle," was the answer.

Well, uncle had a fancy for owning the village; so he bought it up bit by bit.

And you must do me the justice of owning that I have done nothing to force Dora's inclinations.

First among these came the small farmers, often owning a few slaves.