Oxidizes [verb]

Definition of Oxidizes:

convert into oxide

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Sentence/Example of Oxidizes:

The lead may begin to oxidize if this is done and make it difficult to do a good job.

When it hit that blue ship, you could almost see it oxidize before your eyes.

We take in fuel and oxidize it, using the heat as our source of power.

It melts at from 150° to 160° Wedgewood; and does not oxidize at a white heat.

Sugar will oxidize readily, and in so doing will yield abundant power.

Luciferin will also oxidize in the air spontaneously but no light is produced.

There must be air present to oxidize the resulting products.

These metals, termed the noble metals, do not oxidize, but they fuse.

It does, however, oxidize spontaneously in solution, although no light accompanies this oxidation.

In addition we know of many substances which oxidize by taking up oxygen without giving off CO2.