Oyster [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Oyster:

He has the constitution of a rhinoceros, the digestion of an ostrich, and the concentration of an oyster.

One morning Gervaise surprised her emptying a basket of oyster shells there.

Strain in the milk, add the oyster liquor, stir, and cook well.

Strain in the milk and oyster liquor, and stir and cook well.

Otherwise they were canned as the Tricholoma and oyster mushroom.

One of the best ways to cook an Oyster mushroom is to fry it as you fry an oyster.

Of these, oyster or marine shells, burnt shale, and slag are most common.

Judge: We don't want to know what the oyster said or the turpentine either.

The chief offenses are against the fish and oyster laws of the state.

You can't make an oyster out of nothing, nor you can't do it in a day.