Pacifies [verb]

Definition of Pacifies:

make peaceful; appease

Opposite/Antonyms of Pacifies:

Sentence/Example of Pacifies:

When I am ill she nurses me; when I am violent she pacifies me.

It pacifies those who are angry, and by means of it one can see into the unknown.

It pacifies em, and makes em willing to let the men manage things of more consequence.

Alcinous pacifies him with gentle words, and proceeds to withdraw all his previous claims extolling Phæacian athletic skill.

The priest who pacifies is as natural as the fear he seeks to assuage—as natural as man himself.

It is he who saves humanity from complete annihilation, and who pacifies the angered Bel.

But Ganga pacifies her and they agree to make over the children to Valmiki, when they become a little old.

With a harp communicated to him by Gudrun he pacifies them all but one, which stings him to the heart, and thus Gunnar dies.

Who pacifies intractable politicians and makes them the devoted followers of the Ministers?

It is weakness which makes us hate an enemy and seek revenge, and it is idleness that pacifies us and causes us to neglect it.