Pacifist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pacifist:

There is no place for the pacifist in the minds of these apologists of the heroic order.

No statement of this kind is unbiased, for the pacifist has his own bias.

Every human being with common sense was a pacifist when the war started.

A man can be a pacifist all right until his head has been punched.

We have no knowledge of pacifist utterances of representative Germans of any time.

He's a great lecturer, but he's a pacifist—the only one on the faculty—and a friend of Dora's.

It is only a year or so ago that I was just such a pacifist as he.

Have not pacifist mass meetings been known to break up in a row?

Pacifist—they can't even throw their absurdities into decent English!

Lichnowsky was a friend of England, but he was no pacifist or "little German."