Pacifying [verb]

Definition of Pacifying:

make peaceful; appease

Opposite/Antonyms of Pacifying:

Sentence/Example of Pacifying:

But, how, on this revocation of my appointment, shall I be able to pacify him?

I attempted to pacify her by an indefinite reply to her inquiries, but in vain.

I wiped his eyes with his frock, told him he was all right and called Sancho to pacify him.

These he dumped out and, to pacify the man, handed the paper to him with his own pencil.

So Arnold hastened to try and pacify the anger that he had inadvertently roused.

With four regiments he had undertaken to pacify Massachusetts.

Rena tried to pacify her young friend, but the attempt was not successful.

I don't deny I was extremely desirous to pacify him at all costs, had I only known what to do.

You ain't really safe till we pacify the spirit-world in some way.'

Her owner tried to pacify her, but he made little headway with the job.