Packaged [verb]

Definition of Packaged:

make ready for transport

Synonyms of Packaged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Packaged:

Sentence/Example of Packaged:

I have no particular desire to make a spectacular landing on your planet sealed up like a packaged sausage.

In Robert Owen's day cotton yarn was packaged and sold in five-pound bundles.

Packaged music extends to simulations of instruments and orchestras as well.

They spew out patents, designs, brands, copyrighted material and other forms of packaged human creativity.

They were found in cartons of canned goods; in bread and baked goods; in cartons of packaged cookies, cakes, and crackers.

Packaged cereals were attractive, and cockroaches were sometimes found in packages of cigarettes.

Stryker was still humped over his records when Farrell came out of his cubicle and broke a packaged meal from the food locker.

Bomb was packaged in a flat black plastic case about one by four inches.

This system provides the programmer with a packaged means of accomplishing input and output requirements.

"Fred Dunmore mentioned a packaged diabetic ration you'd developed," Rand mentioned.