Packing [noun]

Definition of Packing:

material used to fill space

Synonyms of Packing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Packing:


Sentence/Example of Packing:

You've sent Briggs off, and I've all that packing and unpacking to do.

"You'd better be packing your trunk," the Inspector rumbled.

The hallways were strewn with straw and the litter of packing.

"I'll carry it—I'm more used to packing bottles," he announced gravely.

"I notice you're packing yours, large as life," Jack pointed out.

Half an hour would suffice for the packing of all his possessions.

Rosemonde was worrying my life out, and so I got rid of her by packing her off with Silviane.

Jon hopped a section of packing cases and crouched out of sight.

He spent most of that night packing his trunk and his suitcase.

Packing those "Early English Poets" was a confounded nuisance.