Paddled [noun]

Definition of Paddled:

item used for propelling object

Synonyms of Paddled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paddled:


Sentence/Example of Paddled:

It was laid by the Monarch, a paddle steamer which had been fitted for the work.

Neither of them spoke, and the only sound was the swishing of the paddle.

Then, setting the canoe into the water, he began to paddle back.

"One of us might paddle the canoe to the foot of the cliff," went on Frank.

Then, without a word, they resumed their steady, easy swing of the paddle.

As it was one wrong turn of the paddle by the younger half-breed did the mischief.

With the sea over one bow you must paddle on the leeward side.

I tied my handkerchief to the paddle and waved it, and they picked me up.

I used the paddle as a rudder, and to push floating timber away.

Narcisse smiled the smile of the proficient as he waved his paddle across the canoe.