Paddling [verb]

Definition of Paddling:

propel with arms or tool

Synonyms of Paddling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paddling:

Sentence/Example of Paddling:

Hear them swearing at this moment, boys of five, paddling in the water there!

If it's all a fake of his, how came you to have heard of Braybridge paddling the canoe back for her?

Her cheery partner was paddling his rosy brows with a fine handkerchief.

His mind automatically reacted in the direction of paddling.

I declared, 'and he has set those fellows to paddling around the island.

He must have though me bereft of my senses to be paddling about at that hour of the night.

He closed his eyes and listened, paddling softly, with set teeth.

Then they took to flight, paddling as if their very lives depended on it.

So they followed him,—he swimming and they paddling, until night came.

Soon they were well out to sea, paddling rapidly for the west.