Padlocked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Padlocked:

Her sails were furled; the slide of her scuttle hatch was closed and padlocked.

There were chests and boxes, some of them padlocked, and all with cushions on them for seats.

They flung themselves against the door, but the door was padlocked.

If they could, they would have padlocked a chain to her ankle and a collar about her neck.

I passed a padlocked door, two corners, and faced the void of fog.

She was used to seeing it padlocked, and to listen in vain for an answer to her call.

The door was hasped, with a crook let into a staple so that it might, if necessary, be padlocked.

Hal approached the gate, which was of iron bars, and padlocked.

The book, to be sure, is padlocked, but we happen to know where it is kept.

But he did not explain the mystery of his padlocked treasures.