Padre [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Padre:

Whereupon Khalid rises and sits on the divan near the Padre.

By the way, I was about to ask you and the padre to dine with me and Don Ignaçio there.

But I raised the beam, my padre, the moment you made the signal.

“A man does not go in the dark to look for a trail,” said Padre Andreas meaningly.

Padre Andreas closed his eyes a moment and arose, but did not answer.

I was not gentle in my words to the padre, yet he is a man of God, and devoted.

I say yes, for the padre has good thoughts in his heart,––maybe so!

Take other thoughts with you,” said Padre Andreas sadly, “and my son, go with God!

It was the padre who gave him most uneasiness, because the padre was guessing correctly!

Kit listened with little liking for the conversation after the padre entered.