Pads [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pads:

The nose and pads of the feet are dark, and the eyes are orange yellow.

In the brown tabby the feet and pads are black; in the yellow and red, the feet and pads are pink.

How does she write on the pads on the table, and how does she whisk them away?

After a time he sat and clawed his fur, looked at his paws, and licked his pads.

The bearings, being supported by the blocks or "pads" H, are self-alining.

No, for there are only the marks of a panther's pads and none of any tiger.

He even noticed the slot of Grit's pads here and there in softer soil.

Sandy rolled the dog on his side and found the other pads in the same condition.

Pearson ought really to be told that you cannot catch a man off his pads.

No pads to be worn, or frizettes, or chignons, or hair ribbons.