Paean [noun]

Definition of Paean:

hymn of praise

Synonyms of Paean:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paean:


Sentence/Example of Paean:

There was no word of the bank episode, nothing but a paean of victory.

The officers, led by the Captain waving his cap from the bridge, joined in the paean.

Paean, A name of Apollo; a song sung before or after a battle.

"Thank you," he said simply, but his tone was better than a paean of praise.

That hum of wings is the Calicurgus' paean of triumph, until it be her death-song.

For Wagner's music is the century's paean of material triumph.

This paean of recantation and aspiration occupies the remainder of the poem.

When the victory is won, he exults in a paean of victory as soul-stirring as the Song of Deborah.

"You've crooked your orbit this time, bright boys," his jeer was a paean of triumph.

If Father Roland had known, he would have uttered a paean of joy.