Pagan [adjective]

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A Druid shrine and then a pagan temple dedicated to Jupiter, the chief of the Roman gods, are believed to have stood on this spot.

I am an easiful old pagan, and I am not angry with you at all—you funny, little champion of the Most High.

Although nearly two hundred inscriptions have been discovered, not one of either pagan or Christian character has been met with.

The loftiest pagan philosophy dwindled into insignificance before the sublimity of Christian hope.

A traveller ordinarily feels as safe in a highly-civilized pagan community as in a Christian city.

There was one device of oath-taking, half pagan and half barbaric, which but very slowly relaxed its hold on Christian Europe.

He re-read Kipling's Chant-Pagan with a new understanding, and began to search into neglected philosophies.

Something pagan entered into his soul, a breath from the calm of Olympus.

The young man caught his breath at the sheer pagan loveliness of her.

Of course, all this sounds very pagan, and I am not identifying myself with it.