Pageant [noun]

Definition of Pageant:

spectacle or contest

Synonyms of Pageant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pageant:

Sentence/Example of Pageant:

As for to-day, the magnificence of the pageant beggars description.

His own inner life was as vivid a pageant to him as the history of the Church.

And this real—not a pageant—not as that thing you made of me before?

Let us watch the pageant that crosses the bridge that Charles built.

Thursday, the twenty-first of January, 1535, was chosen for the pageant.

"Never mind: make a Pageant of 'em," said his brother grimly.

This was the pageant of her beloved England, and hers for the moment was this proud part in it.

It's to be an Anglo-American pageant, to symbolize the school.

The people watched this pageant as they had done the earlier spectacles.

The pageant had been brilliant, as one may read in the chronicles of the time.