Pageantry [noun]

Definition of Pageantry:

flashy display

Synonyms of Pageantry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pageantry:

Sentence/Example of Pageantry:

Nor does this mission march always with the pageantry of external triumph.

In pageantry, and especially equestrian pageantry, he is most effective.

He began the battle with all the solemnity and pageantry of a hero of romance.

But pleasure, pomp, and pageantry were not the sole uses of these guilds in olden days.

At all these places he was received with great parade and pageantry.

He witnessed the pomp and pageantry of Buddhist ritual in Kie-sha.

Pageantry of weddings and of religious ceremonies also enrich the plot.

It was impossible to see the place and not to fancy it designed for pageantry.

In another way it was pageantry, the pageantry of the accomplishment of naked duty.

He also made some display of pageantry, though it was but a tawdry show.