Painful [adjective]

Definition of Painful:

physically or mentally agonizing

Opposite/Antonyms of Painful:

Sentence/Example of Painful:

Silence was painful to me, and reply only accumulated difficulty and vexation.

Now he scanned the trees on the edge of the clearing with painful anxiety.

The circumstances were painful, but added a dramatic touch to the scene.

He had been shot in the most painful place in the body—the palm of the hand.

And in the painful cleaning of the wound he did not murmur once.

How the teams were to accomplish this, it was painful to consider.

Where it is most painful is precisely where it does most harm, among the classes we call professional.

Of course he ought; but the painful fact to meet just now, was that he had not done his duty.

It is a painful truth that by daylight he was ashamed of his part of the transaction.

Though he strove to put confidence into his words, his painful doubt was manifest.