Painfully [adverb]

Definition of Painfully:

with pain

Synonyms of Painfully:

Opposite/Antonyms of Painfully:


Sentence/Example of Painfully:

For he had been painfully conscious now and then that he played but second fiddle.

But, in truth, it did surprise her to see how slowly and painfully he walked as he left her.

They spoke of him as "he," and as leading a painfully worthless and disreputable life.

Then Josie, painfully sweet: "Did you get the invitation, Betty?"

He was painfully conscious of what he had missed, had lost—or had not yet found: the love of woman.

Peppajee got slowly and painfully upon his feet—rather, upon one foot.

Painfully, he set himself on his knees and found relief in a long prayer.

As I walked toward the elevator, I was painfully conscious of two ideas.

"I'm expecting to pay you," Adams went on, swallowing again, painfully.

Her look of weakness and exhaustion did indeed strike him painfully.