Painfulness [noun]

Definition of Painfulness:


Synonyms of Painfulness:

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Sentence/Example of Painfulness:

I passed an hour which interested me in spite of its painfulness.

From early youth I was inured to a certain degree of painfulness in the lesson.

But life has always had a good deal of painfulness to me, and I hate opposition.

Ah, he said, shaking his head, I assure you I feel the painfulness of your position.

Once for all, it has put the value before the painfulness in our thoughts.

I care for the idea which it embodies and which justifies its painfulness.

I turn from this part of my subject with a deep sense of its painfulness.

I see we are all sensible of the painfulness of our situation.

He says executions are necessary to keep the army together, but he feels the painfulness of the sad necessity.

Imagine the painfulness of affairs on days like this, when one hardly dares put head out of doors.