Painstakingly [adverb]

Definition of Painstakingly:

just, closely

Synonyms of Painstakingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Painstakingly:

Sentence/Example of Painstakingly:

Hoddan painstakingly fastened his bag to the saddle of the lead horse.

Then he painstakingly pushed in the locking-stud with his other hand.

Beyond that, he set himself down seriously and painstakingly to win her.

Well, Sandy took her home and read her painstakingly and thoughtfully.

Painstakingly, the two of them went over the checking circuits.

He sat down very slowly and painstakingly what of his great stiffness.

She painstakingly hid from sight all her cherished possessions.

To be painstakingly precise, each contributor has been his own editor.

Off to the left Imbrie had painstakingly cleared a little garden.

She had revised and improved it painstakingly, and then she had learned it off by heart.