Pair [noun]

Definition of Pair:

two of something

Synonyms of Pair:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pair:



Sentence/Example of Pair:

He was naked save for a linen under shirt and pair of woollen drawers.

She was young and strong, and surely a pair of willing hands—that was absurd about the uniform.

Here's a woman who came in in a nightgown and pair of slippers.

I'll get a pair of ridin' breeches an' boots for you by tomorrow.

"We must see about getting you a pair," answered Quicksilver.

Couldn't he say no with a pair of gray eyes staring into his?

The children of that pair have been overwhelmed, and found no such refuge.

"It wad hit the pair of 'em," McNab chuckled, and with that word the Devil conquered.

I want a pair of pumps suitable for evenings when there are guests to dinner.

Instantly his throat was clasped by a pair of heavy and powerful hands.