Paired [adjective]

Definition of Paired:

in a pair

Synonyms of Paired:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paired:


Sentence/Example of Paired:

To the supporters of Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Round must be added 154 who were paired.

Mr. Speaker, I am paired, but I have voted in order to make a quorum.

Alphonse and Lucille paired off, as it seemed to me, very naturally.

Jill had given him up, and he had paired off with Nelly Bryant.

They paired, and followed the bride and bridegroom into the breakfast-room.

Maud was by herself; she paired with nobody, and nobody wanted her, she was so cross.

All so wretched, when perhaps all might have been so happy if they had only paired differently!

They seemed to be paired so well together that there could be no doubt about them.

As Mrs. Edmonstone paired off her company, she considered what to do with her new arrival.

Seven cards are counted again from significator, and paired as before.