Palate [noun]

Definition of Palate:

aesthetic taste

Synonyms of Palate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palate:

Sentence/Example of Palate:

Here is a salad that would have intrigued the palate of Lucullus, himself.

Sugar is not so sweet to the palate as sound to the healthy ear.

Woefully had the massacre of the saints failed to please the palate of the populace.

The fruit of Croton is a feast both to the eye and to the palate.

I have lost all palate for Bordeaux since I came to Mr. Cashel.

I actually revelled in everything that can charm the palate or the nose of a rat!

Then Harry clucked his tongue against his palate to coax him to go.

Thus the taste of innocent adventure may be made bitter to the palate.

Fat of the fat, sweet of the sweet is Bilsby to Bilsby's palate.

Bears were fatter and better to the palate than the most "savory" pigs in France.