Palatial [adjective]

Definition of Palatial:

grand, opulent

Synonyms of Palatial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palatial:

Sentence/Example of Palatial:

She gazed at the big, palatial touring car with eyes spellbound.

The one that now stood there was smaller than his own palatial one, and shabbier.

Alhambra, the palatial fortress of Granada (from al hamra—the red).

Call for me at the Palatial at eleven to-morrow, and we'll make a day of it.

Only you'll have to leave the Palatial to-night, Jimmy—to-night, do you understand?

The hotels are not quite good enough—not even the palatial "Plaza."

He has a palatial stable; and being a king, he lives like one.

The abode of his body was a palatial residence in the suburbs of the city.

What a palatial kitchen and more than monasterial refectory!

When I entered, I was convinced that this was a palatial residence.