Paletot [noun]

Definition of Paletot:

sleeveless coat

Synonyms of Paletot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paletot:


Sentence/Example of Paletot:

He did not seem at all surprised to see Emma in her hat and paletot.

He looked as if he had been out in the rain all night without a paletot.

This fullness is owing to its being cut in a style like the paletot.

Play Macbeth in a paletot, perform Othello in "pegtops," and see what effect you will produce!

Another walking dress consists of pelisse and paletot of Nankin cachmere, the former beautifully embroidered.

Paletot of purple velvet, or dark cachmere; a round hat of white satin, the low crown adorned with a long white ostrich feather.

Now he is offering a paletot to a huge giant who is going out in the rain.

He took up his paletot from the chair onto which he had thrown it on his entrance, and threw it over his shoulder.

Huxter arose with great perturbation at this news, and plunged his stick into the pocket of his paletot, and seized his hat.

Frank, entering the cloak-room to leave his paletot, found himself face to face with Helen coming into the hall.