Palings [noun]

Definition of Palings:

post of structure

Synonyms of Palings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palings:


Sentence/Example of Palings:

She took it up the lane to the place where the man is; and they put it behind the palings.

It was made of palings, pointed; I should think it was five feet high.

And so he must now be leaning against a wall, or lying behind some palings.

And he indicated a group of three that had that moment passed the palings.

She will get through the palings, if we don't mind, and into the yard.

We were few in number, and the palings were hard and uncomfortable.

I could just distinguish a head above the palings moving along the road.

In "The Ark" the lion almost breaks out of his enclosure of palings.

There stood the goat gazing unconcernedly through the palings.

Madame Clementine came out to her palings and picked some of her nasturtiums for me.