Palled [noun]

Definition of Palled:

cloud, gloom

Synonyms of Palled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palled:

Sentence/Example of Palled:

That ere youngster we went arter, by Mr. Bofort's wish, was a pall of his.

They sat in one of the two large boxes of the Pall Mall Theatre.

Even the azure, the everlasting azure, began to pall upon him.

The rain beat down in a drizzle, and for miles the smoke hung like a pall.

Did he imagine the mountain-paths of the Basilicata were like Pall Mall?

"You leave my top-hamper alone," said Judson, for the joke was beginning to pall on him.

The blackness lay like a pall upon the deep, and upon my soul.

He is the proprietor of the temple of gaming iniquity, at No. 6, Pall Mall.

A kind of pall had descended on the landscape, blotting out the sun.

What did her eyes seek beneath the pall, the plumes, the flag?