Pallet [noun]

Definition of Pallet:

furniture for sleeping

Synonyms of Pallet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pallet:


Sentence/Example of Pallet:

Seizing the sheath with the other hand, that the pallet had dropped from.

Another struck him in the chest, knocking him to the pallet.

That night a child was born to Julia, on a pallet of dried grass and prowler skins.

He squatted down beside Chiara's pallet and knew there could be no hope for him.

He took the clothes up to his room, and hid them under the pallet.

Now and again it was my turn to lie in that pallet in her chamber.

She was appointed to the pallet for that night, so we three lay all in our chamber.

A pallet on the earthern floor was the only sleeping accommodation.

Did he address this fragment of litany to the Holy Virgin, or to the pallet?

These tangents meet on the line of centers at A, which will be the pallet center.