Palliated [verb]

Definition of Palliated:

gloss over; cover up

Synonyms of Palliated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palliated:

Sentence/Example of Palliated:

This expedient to palliate my folly was thought of—but not by me.

We have no wish to palliate any act of Calvin's which is manifestly wrong.

There was even a palpable deficiency in Henrys claim, which no art could palliate.

This was a political fault, which no circumstances can palliate.

There are things which cannot be extenuated however we may try to palliate them.

The latter was very humble, acknowledged his error, and made no attempt to palliate it.

He had been in his cups at the time but that did not palliate the offense.

Nothing, of course, can palliate the extreme baseness of your behaviour.

“Do not try to palliate your conduct, Gascoyne,” said Mr Mason, earnestly.

My nephew, not only aiding and abetting these ruffians, but seeking to palliate their crimes!