Pallid [adjective]

Definition of Pallid:


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Sentence/Example of Pallid:

He stared in consternation at the pallid oval that stood for her face.

The silence was profound, and the lamps burned with motionless, pallid flames.

Albine, too, was a large rose, a pallid rose that had opened since the morning.

The gills are notched, crowded, pallid or rufescent, narrow.

The gills are rotundate-free, close, narrow, whitish or pallid.

The stem is soon hollow, two to three inches long, viscid, pallid.

The gills are notched, rather distant, pallid, then cinnamon; lachrymose.

The spores are pallid to ochraceous, oblong-fusiform, 10–20 long.

The spines are slender, pallid, then of the same color as the pileus, equal.

On every feature of his pallid face were traces of suffering.