Pallor [noun]

Definition of Pallor:


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Sentence/Example of Pallor:

But the eagerness was all gone from his, and only the pallor left.

The flush of his own heavy meal kept his pallor from showing.

In the distance he saw a pallor, where the face of the night looked into the palace from the sea.

Jed's pallor was, for the moment, succeeded by a vivid crimson.

He noted the pallor of her face, and darted me a quick, suspicion-laden glance.

Carrier's pallor was of a grey-green from the rage that possessed him.

A sickly smile came into his face, and seemed to accentuate its pallor.

As she looked up at him she saw the pallor of his face change almost to grey.

His face had lost its pallor, but in his eyes was the same look of glassy bewilderment.

Usually her thin cheeks were almost dead white in their pallor.