Pally [adjective]

Definition of Pally:

very friendly

Synonyms of Pally:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pally:


Sentence/Example of Pally:

Ow, the devil, goin' to Pally Hughes's while 'tis drawin' nearer an' nearer an'—Ow!

They were "pally," as she put it, happily contented in each other's society.

Got pally with six French gendarmes and hope to see them again when I have another spell off.

Pally was telling Sobber they had better be on guard, since the Rovers might not be alone.

The old lady lost her patience, and at last burst forth: "I winna be back-speired noo, Pally Fullerton."

Catherine, so heavy was her heart, could scarcely manage a decent friendly greeting to old Pally Hughes, her hostess.