Palmed [verb]

Definition of Palmed:

give because one does not want it

Synonyms of Palmed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palmed:

Sentence/Example of Palmed:

How maddening if, seeing that I was an unprotected man, they palmed off Jaeger on me!

They have palmed the character upon him, they have burned him in the hand.

But in reality he had palmed it quite neatly, and a little later he pocketed it.

One of 'em's the rooster as palmed off that rotten saddle on you.

Professor Dwight said: "This is what is palmed off on us for science!"

Starr exhibited figures which he had jotted on a bit of paper that he had palmed.

Not pastes only but clear crystals have long been palmed off on the unwary for diamonds.

Guesses should not be palmed off on them as demonstrated facts.

No doubt these forgeries are now palmed off as the great man's book-plate.

It is the brass of ignorance which has been palmed off upon us for the gold of truth.