Palmistry [noun]

Definition of Palmistry:

declaration made in advance

Synonyms of Palmistry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palmistry:

Sentence/Example of Palmistry:

Afterwards she told his fortune by cards and he told hers by palmistry.

I am talking as if palmistry was a daily study with me, but that is not so.

Kainokku or palmistry, in which the women are more proficient than the men.

They started on palmistry, and Jeremy enjoyed himself immensely.

I have since thought the question may have been confused with palmistry.

Closely akin to the science of coffee-grounds is that of palmistry.

I am not superstitious, but I believe in palmistry to a certain extent.

I believe in palmistry, because I have seen it verified in a hundred and one instances.

You do not believe in palmistry, and she tossed the hand from her lightly.

He perceived at once that palmistry was after all a terrible reality.