Palp [noun]

Definition of Palp:

anything that investigates by touch

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Sentence/Example of Palp:

A second ramus, the “exopodite,” often is also retained in the form of a palp or feeler.

This form is retained, with little alteration in some adult Copepoda, where the biramous “palp” still aids in locomotion.

A palp sprouts on the mandible and the median eye disappears.

Projecting from each side of the head of a butterfly is a fluffy structure, the palp.

The third one was alive, as was shown by a rhythmic movement of the palp on the right side.

First maxill (Fig. 7) two-jointed, palp and second joint armed with spines.

Behind this jaw is a short leg, formed like a walking leg, and known as the 'palp.'

In bugs and aphids the lacinia is a slender needle-like piercer (fig. 2, III), while the palp is wanting.

Palp, a jointed finger-like structure on the oral appendages of arthropods; oral appendages found in mollusca.