Palpably [adverb]

Definition of Palpably:

concerning matter

Synonyms of Palpably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palpably:

Sentence/Example of Palpably:

Is it his fancy that at this moment brings them so palpably to him?

The scene bore all too palpably the marks of violence and bloodshed.

I am sorry that the notion should so palpably wake your Lordship's amazement.

It is so palpably against them that he has to get rid of the most of them to make it stand.

The laugh was shifting to the other side of their mouths most palpably.

But his snicker was palpably an assumption of unconcern he did not possess.

But why, I wondered, was Lola so palpably beneath her influence?

The rank of the country was as palpably on James's side as was the populace.

The little novelist was palpably uncertain as to whom the name belonged.

So much he said, palpably, though to himself, with his inner voice.