Palpitate [verb]

Definition of Palpitate:

beat at a rapid pace, like a heart

Synonyms of Palpitate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palpitate:


Sentence/Example of Palpitate:

Nor was his the only heart whom that cheery sound caused to palpitate.

He had no right to palpitate over the picture of an unknown beauty.

The air seemed to palpitate with these new and agitating feelings.

My heart began to palpitate with dread of some unknown danger.

It seems to palpitate with a fragrance that ravishes the senses.

Those were terrible moments for him; but the hearts of the boys did not palpitate.

He could feel her palpitate softly against him, and a tenderness like a warm pool was collecting in his heart.

Si easily divined his thoughts, for something of the same nature had already caused his own heart to palpitate in a reproving way.

A day when the very air, steaming up from the earth, seems to palpitate with the heat.

The air of the sleeping-chamber seemed to palpitate with the hopeless passion of the girls.