Palpitating [verb]

Definition of Palpitating:

beat at a rapid pace, like a heart

Synonyms of Palpitating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Palpitating:


Sentence/Example of Palpitating:

They were sorry for the little white-faced, palpitating thing.

When he was finally in the coat, she was rather flushed and palpitating.

They stood before him palpitating like birds, poised, tense for flight.

Then Pierre, having quieted his palpitating heart, drew near.

I stood by with a palpitating heart as he turned the lock and opened the door.

A superb bit of fiction, palpitating with the life of the great metropolis.

Every nerve in Roma's body was palpitating, but she did not attempt to speak.

Then the iron cooled, and was lifted back into the palpitating blaze.

Dubberley sat completely demoralised, palpitating like a stranded frog.

It cut to the heart's palpitating centre like a poniard thrust.