Palpitation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Palpitation:

One evening after dinner he was seized with a palpitation of the heart, and almost fainted.

Palpitation often arises from indigestion, in which case see Indigestion.

Yes, Jane, I see that you are in for an attack of palpitation.

To it relate trembling, palpitation, paleness, and inability to speak.

No palpitation or respiratory movement can be detected in it.

Not suffering from palpitation of the heart or anything like that, I suppose?

Every corrupt and intriguing mind had a palpitation of excitement.

As I sat there conscious of a palpitation I think I had a vision of what was to be.

Palpitation, enlargement, and valvular disease of the heart result from excessive or injudicious exercise.

Can you picture to yourselves the palpitation of our hearts as we approached his mansion?