Palpus [noun]

Definition of Palpus:

anything that investigates by touch

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Sentence/Example of Palpus:

The mouth-parts in this genus are much as in Tomocerus, the maxillæ ending in a lacinia and palpus.

Each maxilla bears a slender feeler or palpus composed of five segments.

When you touch him, he draws up slowly one leg after another, or moves a palpus feebly.

In x-notata (fig. 435) the palpus is as long as the cephalothorax, and the tarsus and palpal organ small and round.

In montana (fig. 435a) the palpus is still shorter, the tibia thicker, and the tarsus and palpal organ larger.

The palpus of the male (fig. 339) has large and complicated appendages at the end.

The palpus, too, on this side was turned back to correspond to the direction of the legs nearest it.

Near the root or base of the mandibles on each side is a jointed feeler, or palpus; but spiders have no antenn.

(d.) Palpus, close to the upper segment of the pedicel of first cirrus.