Palsied [adjective]

Definition of Palsied:


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Sentence/Example of Palsied:

I was palsied with doubt, and the golden moments were fleeting, were fleeting.

His mind was palsied with his body; its utmost energy was peevishness.

Madison punched the button for me with a palsied, manicured thumb.

He became angry and said: "I should rather be palsied in one-half of my body than do so."

Trafford uttered a groan of despair, and stood, for an instant, like one palsied.

Who that saw him come had not deemed him palsied in good earnest?'

His palsied tongue could not utter a single cry for the relief of his agony.

"By strangulation," said the old gipsy, raising her palsied hand to her throat.

Palsied with fear of what might be within, he sat, watched, and grew pale.

Smallbones had no objection to remain with a withered, palsied old woman.