Palsy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Palsy:

But, ma'am, if you had seen her at the time that her mother was struck with palsy!

A querulous, high-pitched voice, quavering with the palsy of extreme age.

The strong restraint I have put upon my hands has been enough to palsy them.

And now that it came it did not come to stimulate, but to palsy.

But it is open to graver criticism than the palsy of its members: it is a system of despair.

Now it was rheumatism, now the palsy, and then again the asthma.

He stood at the door as his guests departed, shaking as though with a palsy.

He was apprehensive lest the excitement should give her a fit or a palsy.

Quin laid a quieting hand on her arm, which was shaking as if with the palsy.

And even near thee, palsy struck I was, The paralytic on the river bank!