Palter [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Palter:

It is in vain to palter with our conscience: there are not two honours—two honesties.

Never for an instant did either of these palter with the other.

The honour of the school was in question, and he had no right to palter with that.

Aziel could no longer palter with himself, it was the truth.

It must not, like the witches in Macbeth, "palter in a double sense."

She would face the truth and not palter with it, now that the crisis had really come.

When a man is going on my journey he does not palter with truth.

He felt that he could not palter with a woman in the grasp of an agony like this.

His brain reeled, but he could not doubt it or palter over it for a moment.

Why must he "palter in a double sense," and blow hot and cold in one breath?