Pampas [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pampas:

His plane, slow though it was, would carry him to the pampas.

The Egyptian cat and the Pampas cat are sandy or earth-coloured.

This very striking when we think of cattle of Pampas, plants ?

Were they wild beasts from the Pampas, or herds of llamas and vicunas?

A long while ago; the sun has brought two summers since then to the Pampas.

It was pronounced excellent, and even superior to the festivities of the Pampas.

But what description of Indians did he reckon on meeting in this part of the Pampas?

This hair-ball had been taken from a cow that fed on the Pampas of Buenos Ayres.

This excursion to the pampas leans to one conclusion of some importance.

The carbuncle of the Dung-Beetle of the Pampas suggested the question.