Pampered [verb]

Definition of Pampered:

serve one's every need, whim

Synonyms of Pampered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pampered:

Sentence/Example of Pampered:

Never again will the insatiable thirst of the fire-fiend be so pampered.

She was a pampered child, and she expected to have life made very smooth for her.

A pet to be pampered, a doll to be dressed up and danced on your knee?

They have been petted and pampered by England for more than two hundred years.

If the body is to be pampered, the brain will take its ease.

I have not schemed to win a pampered and voluptuous existence.

But one or two of us, pampered by the life of the land, complained of hunger.

How many of the selfish, pampered ones amount to a row of pins?

His weeks of pampered life seemed to fall from him as if they had not been.

Shelby looked at the pampered poodle and then at its mistress.