Pandered [verb]

Definition of Pandered:

cater to, indulge

Synonyms of Pandered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pandered:

Sentence/Example of Pandered:

Others had merely amused his leisure or pandered to his vices.

Prejudices are pandered to in public, which in private are despised.

Thus they first created a bad taste, and then pandered to it.

And she pandered to his weakness, smiled upon it as if it were an epic strength.

Altogether, the instinct of sex is not pandered to in Oxford.

Because they had tampered with, and pandered to, the anti-slavery sentiment.

There was a silence on both sides after these words, during which I pandered them well in my mind.

The series of designs illustrative of Goethe, which had an immense success, were melodramatic and pandered to popular taste.

You came to me, knowing well my evil life and that I pandered to the passions of the low and the debased.

The theatres of the bad sort, which pandered to the lower instincts of those who patronized them, were almost empty.