Pandering [verb]

Definition of Pandering:

cater to, indulge

Synonyms of Pandering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pandering:

Sentence/Example of Pandering:

What a sorry state of servitude for a virtue—to be pandering to sensual pleasure!

He did not seek for gain by pandering to the thoughtless, ignorant or base.

Do not suppose that I am pandering to what is commonly understood by national pride.

How could he with a pandering smugness meet Fanny's purity of feeling?

He has never sought advancement by flattery or pandering to prejudice.

The cry arose that the survey was pandering to the national spirit.

She could not understand my brother's propensity or our shame in pandering to it.

This is in no sense the result of pandering to the patriotism of the American public.

They little knew what they were doing by pandering to my boyish vanity in such a way.

It does strike me as pandering somewhat to popular prejudice.