Pane [noun]

Definition of Pane:

coating, covering; page

Synonyms of Pane:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pane:


Sentence/Example of Pane:

Yates caught up a handful of sand, and flung it lightly against the pane.

A moment's hesitation, and he tapped resolutely on the pane with his finger tips.

He almost smashed a pane of glass with his shoulder as he missed the door.

To please her, the priest left a pane or two in each window unfilled.

There was a sound from behind the pane as if the imprisoned one had slapped his knee.

Somebody had not only broken the window, but had broken every pane and the sash itself.

He thrust his elbow through a pane just above the catch and raised it.

With all his strength he swung his foot against the pane squarely in the middle.

The glazier is not necessarily a tiresome man because he "gives you a pane."

Then you get a pane of glass and fasten it securely in one end of this box.