Panegyrics [noun]

Definition of Panegyrics:

congratulations; adoration

Opposite/Antonyms of Panegyrics:

Sentence/Example of Panegyrics:

That was how the panegyrics always ended: "A fine girl, sir!"

Lampoons and satires in time will lose their effect, as well as panegyrics.

There were satires on rival tribes, panegyrics on chiefs, laments for the dead.

Nardi, his contemporary, calls his works "panegyrics upon liberty."

The panegyrics of boy-love are deeply offensive to my instincts.

The panegyrics heaped on them are too lengthy and too copious to be quoted.

In Greece and Rome, panegyrics were often pronounced at the grave.

Evelyn can see no fault in her, and his life of her is the most wonderful of all panegyrics.

Gunning broke out into panegyrics on the virtues of the Afrikanders: my companion dropped his voice.

These consisted mainly of chronicles and panegyrics, and twelve books of miscellanies called Variæ.